There are a number of good reasons to invest:

General Benefits

  • You will contribute to reducing our dependence on fossil fuels
  • You will become a Member of Livewire Community Energy with one member one vote – all Members have an equal say in decisions
  • Help generate income to be reinvested back into the community
  • Target average share interest of 4% per year
  • 50% of your investment (for the first £150,000 shares) and 30% for the rest may be eligible for income tax relief
  • Inheritance tax exempt providing an income earning asset that you can leave to your family
  • Long term stable income from Feed in Tariff and electricity sales

Community Benefits

Help to generate income to be reinvested back in to the community

Financial Benefits for You

By buying share you will generate funding for the community and help to promote renewable energy.

While the investment is mainly a social and ethical investment in the community and the environment investors can expect a reasonable rate of return on their investment. Each year the level of interest will be set by the Board of Directors. The maximum level of interest is limited to 2% over the Co-operative Bank’s base rate or 5% whichever is the higher.