Our programme offers schools the opportunity to have their own renewable energy such as solar panels at no cost to the school.  For more information Contact us.

What approvals are required?

We will need the Board of Governors’ and, in most cases, Local Authority approval to enter into a lease

The solar panel installation may require planning permission.

For solar panel systems above a certain size approval would be required from the Distribution Network Operator who manage the National Grid. The Distribution Network Operators own and operate the distribution network of towers and cables that bring electricity from our national transmission network to homes, schools and businesses.

What happens to the solar panels after 20 years?

After 20 years the ownership of the solar panels will revert to the school.

What is the lease agreement?

The school and possibly the Local Authority will need to enter into a lease with LCE. This lease will allow LCE to install and maintain the solar panels for 20 years.

When will the work be carried out?

This will be agreed with the school, although it is likely the installation will be carried out in school holidays.

Can the roof take the weight of the solar panels?

An assessment will be carried out to determine whether the roof will be able to cope with the additional weight of the solar panels. If the roof cannot take the additional weight we will not be able to proceed.

What will the school benefit from?

Having renewable technology at the school should help in explaining this to pupils as they will be able to see something working. The school will also benefit from lower energy bills, although how much may vary depending on the size of the system and the weather.

Who will be responsible for maintaining the solar panels?

LCE will be responsible for maintaining the solar panels system for 20 years. Solar panels will last longer than 20 years, although the amount of electricity they generate will gradually reduce over time. The inverters will need to be replaced around year 10 and this will also be funded by LCE.

How much will the school have to pay or contribute?

Nothing. The school will not need to contribute to the cost of the solar pv system this will be funded by LiveWire Community Energy

What is LiveWire Community Energy Limited?

LiveWire Community Energy Limited (LWCE) has been established as a Community Benefit Society to enable local people and organisations to invest in renewable energy installations that benefit the local community.

It is a non for profit organisation with any surplus reinvested for the benefit of the community. It has been established with the support of LiveWire Community Interest Company.

What is the Solar Energy for Schools Programme?

Our programme offers schools the opportunity to have their own renewable energy such as solar panels at no cost to the school.

LiveWire Community Energy will provide the following for schools:


  • No feasibility costs: free feasibility to see if your school is suitable for renewable technology such as solar panels
  • No installation costs: for schools suitable for solar panels the installation costs will be funded by LiveWire Community Energy
  • No maintenance costs: all maintenance costs for 20 years will be funded by LiveWire Community Energy
  • Low renewable energy price: LiveWire Community Energy will charge a low rate for the renewable energy used which will only increase each year with inflation. This will protect part of your energy bill from the price rises introduced by energy companies
  • Education: we will provide you with lesson information to enable students to learn about the benefits of renewable technology