Yes. It has been estimated that there are currently over 22,100 members of community energy groups in the UK providing funding for renewable technology such as solar, wind and hydro. Community Share Offers have raised nearly £13 million for investment in renewable energy up to June 2014. Set out below are a number of examples of community organisations who have raised investments from share offers for solar:

  • Bath & West Community Energy
  • Brighton Energy Coop
  • Community Energy Warwickshire
  • Low Carbon Hub
  • Plymouth Energy Community
  • South Brent Community Energy
  • Sheffield Renewables
  • West Solent Solar Co-operative
  • Morecambe Bay Renewables Energy (MORE Renewables)

Recently in March 2015 High Winds Community Benefit Society, based in Cumbria, raised £3.6 million from a share offer for a community owned wind farm.

To visit their website click on the following link: